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Tests for fluorescent in situ hibridisation (FISH)

A leading provider of innovative
DNA Screening solutions

Cytocell is offering a comprehensive range of classical FISH probes for subtelomeric and pericentromeric regions, cryptic chromosome deletions, whole chromosome painting and prenatal analysis. We also offer a range of products for Oncology, specifically in haematology and pathology applications; offering for the first time a comprehensive range of FISH probes for the modern pathologist to assist in Cancer diagnosis and prognosis.

Our Chromoprobe Multiprobe® Macroarray system, where multiple probes are reversibly bound to a glass slide to provide a key diagnostic tool for the screening of genetic abnormalities (in leukaemia cases for example), is unique to Cytocell and subject to a worldwide patent and several registered designs. We also manufacture Multiprobe T and Octochrome™ devices which allow simultaneous analysis of subtelomeric abnormalities and whole chromosome painting respectively. Our ever-popular and well-regarded Aquarius® range accounts for around two-thirds of our business, and provides a broad range of directly labeled single and combination liquid probes.



All Aquarius® probes are supplied in hybridisation solution and are either ready to use or need simple dilution with additional hybridisation solution which is conveniently supplied in the kit.

 The satellite, subtelomere specific and whole chromosome painting probes are available in a 5 test format whereas the microdeletion syndrome and haematology probes are available in an economical 5 and standard 10 test format. The probes are supplied with DAPI counterstain and full instructions for use and, where applicable, with hybridisation solution.



The Chromoprobe Multiprobe® System is an extension of Cytocell's proprietary Chromoprobe® technology whereby DNA FISH probes are reversibly bound to the surface of a glass device. The probes attached to the glass device dissolve back into solution once in contact with hybridisation buffer, whilst denaturation of the probes and target DNA occurs simultaneously under the device once heated. This approach both simplifies the whole FISH procedure and renders it safer and quicker to use.

This system allows multiple FISH probes to be hybridised on the same slide in a spatially separated manner allowing rapid screening of a patient sample for a number of DNA sequences in a single FISH analysis.

  The assay is supplied in a kit format of 2, 5 or 10 tests and includes hybridisation solution, counterstain, template slides, a hybridisation chamber and full instructions for use. The kit even contains a unique liquid crystal display slide surface thermometer for accurate measurement of the temperature of the denaturation surface.


Custom probes

myProbes™ is a new service from Cytocell which enables us to offer the market bespoke FISH probes tailored to individual requirements. myProbes™ will give customers the freedom to request the production of unique FISH probes fit for their purpose from simple modification (such as a change in color) through to bespoke production of a truly unique product. If you are unable to see what you need within the pages of our catalogue or on our website, then just ask and we will use myProbes to meet your exact needs.

zoo-fisch ZOO FISH Murine painting probes
Cytocell offers a comprehensive range of Murine Whole Chromosome Painting probes for the assessment of chromosome number, breakage, or rearrangement.
ZOO FISH range: Custom ZOO probes


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