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Rosco Diagnostica

Rosco Diagnostica (Denmark) is company with 40 years long experience in manufacturing tablets for susceptibility testing and bacterial identification. Rosco Diagnostica products are present in over 40 countries, in Serbia since 2006. All products are manufactured according to IVD EU 98/79 and CE labeled. Most products are registered by Medicines or medical devices Agency of Serbia.


Neo-Sensitabs are tablets manufactured by a process using crystalline antimicrobials. This unique formulation results in:

  • Very stable and homogeneous product
  • Controlled and uniform release of antibiotic into the agar
  • Storage and use at room temperature
  • Neo-Sensitabs are standardized to CLSI recommendations
  • The tablets are printed on both sides with a unique 5-character code

Cartridges can be used with a Neo-Sensitabs dispenser adaptable to 90 mm petri dishes.

Dispensers are made of rigid plastics, easy to disassemble if cleaning is necessary.


Diatabs-tablets -  provide rapid tests for the identification of microorganisms.

Currently Rosco Diagnostica offers the range of over 80 different antimicrobial tablets. Diatabs can be divided into two groups: Diatabs to be placed on agar plates detecting the zone diameters of inhibition, and Diatabs to be dissolved in liquid based upon enzymatic properties of the microorganisms detected by various indicator systems.

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Address Crnotravska 27
11000 Beograd
Phones: +381 11 3282 986,
+381 11 785 72 70,
+381 11 328 48 77,
+381 11 328 49 05
Fax: +381 11 328 12 05
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